Best Free Vector Icons 2014

A great collection of best Free Vector Icons 2014. The selection includes Icon Fonts, SVG Icons, Flat Icons, Line Icons and Pictograms.
You can use these icons in your blog; to create web and mobile interfaces.

Font Awesome

360 Vector Icons
Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized (size, color, drop shadow)


entypo Free Vector Icons
284 Free Vector Icons
Free suite of premium quality pictograms. Only SVG images. There is no fonts or PSD.


OpenIconic Free Vector Icons
223 Free Vector Icons
An open source icon set with 223 marks in SVG, webfont and raster formats


Ionicos Free Vector Icons
The icon font for Ionic Framework. 100% free and open source.


minicons Free Vector Icons
210 Vector Icons for Web Design and Wireframes.

Elusive Icons Webfont

elusive Free Vector Icons
229 Free Vector Icons
Elusive Icons is a webfont that can be used with any of your projects. Bootstrap-based, Foundation-based or even your custom projects!

Streamline Icons

streamline Free Vector Icons
100 Free Vector Icons (SVG) by Webalys

Foundation Icons

Foundation Free Vector Icons
283 Free Icons
A custom collection of free vector icons that are stored in a handy web font.


picol Free Vector Icons
557 Free Vector Icons
PICOL stands for PIctorial COmmunication Language and is a project to find a standard and reduced sign system for electronic communication.

Just vector Social Icons

justvector Free Vector Icons
150 Free Vector Icons
These 150 monochrome social icons are designed with simplicity in mind. Provided in vector format, they are fully editable and scale to any size smoothly.

Elegant Icon Font

elegant free vector icons
310 Vector Icons
The icons have been optimized with pixel-perfect detail for 16px, and all multiples of 16px (32px, 64px, etc). These icons are dual licensed under the GPL 2.0 and MIT, and are completely free to use

Linecons – Free Vector Icons Pack

Linecons Free Vector Icons
48 Vector Icons
Linecons is a set of remarkable free vector icons. The set contains 48 fully scalable vector icons with outline styles.

MFG Labs Icons Set

mfglabs Free Vector Icons
142 Vector Icons
A friendly icon set for an internal project. It is designed to be easily embeddable on a website or application using a webfont and css.

Meteocons – weather icons

meteocons Free Vector Icons
40 Vector Icons
Meteocons is a free weather icon set, it works perfect for apps or your new web project!
This set containg 40+ icons available in PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG, Desktop font and Web font.