New DeviantArt Logo

Our new logo is symbolic of everything we believe. It is an audacious and inspired evolution of our original DeviantArt mark—literally turning the art world upside down. We love it because, like DeviantArt, people might not get it right away and, like all great art, it challenges perceptions and perspectives. Most importantly, it elevates DeviantArt and our artists

DeviantArt Logo Redesign

The construction of the new brand mark is a combination of DeviantArt symbol and a completely customized wordmark, all of which use the angle of 62 degrees to cut the letter forms.
The primary color is green #05cc47 and the typeface is Calibre by Klim Type Foundry.


The new DeviantArt brand has five lockups of logo and wordmark.

New DevianArt Logo


The Evolution to the New DeviantArt Logo